Jing & Yong wedding at Thomas Fogarty Winery Santa Cruz


Sweet review from our groom Yong S. 9/8/2013
I got married on 08/18/2013, Tiffany and her assistant are responsible for helping the bride, bridesmaids and mothers do the makeup. As the groom, I didn’t get a chance to see how my bride looked like until the ceremony, to be honest, I was a little bit nervous before the ceremony. Fortunately, the moment when I finally saw my bride, those nervousness were gone, I felt excited and grateful, because my bride looked absolutely perfect. Her makeup was very well proportioned, the color matched her skin tone, somehow feels soft and delicate, that was exactly how I expected. Also, all bridesmaids and mothers were happy about their makeup as well. In addition, the wedding photographer required a restrict time frame for makeup, I was worried that it might bring some pressure to both bride and Tiffany, but it turned out that Tiffany and her assistant managed the time pretty well. As a groom, I am very happy for the efforts that Tiffany had put into my wedding, thank you Tiffany!