Meet Tiffany Chiang

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Taiwan, and gifted with opportunities to perform makeup magic on Hollywood celebrities, models, and brides from all over the globe, I have always dreamed of traveling the world as a makeup artist.


I love makeup and fashion, and when we were teenagers, my sister and I used our allowance to buy outfits to mix and match. We’d style each other’s hair and put makeup on each other (this was after we’d outgrown experimenting on our dolls, of course!) Then we’d imagine our room as a runway and stage fashion shows. I look back on those fun times with fondness. It’s no wonder that I fell madly in love with a career as a professional makeup & hair artist! I am meticulous, I obsess over the latest beauty products, and constantly update my kit. In my spare time, I tune in to current NYC, French, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese fashion trends like a soap opera addict.

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My specialties include customized makeup for a variety of skin types and hair designs for weddings, photo shoots, film, and special events. Each person comes to me with a different style and look they want to achieve; I combine my creativity to complete the desired result, whether it is to enhance their eyes, narrow down their face, soften their cheekbones, or define their eyebrows. I want my clients to be empowered by what I’m able to bring to them instead of feeling the need to hide under layers of artificiality. Radiant skin; soulful eyes; luscious lips—my makeup tools are my magic wand that helps highlight the best of each person’s traits, both in photos and in person. It will be my privilege to work with you, understand what brings you joy, and showcase your personality through my work.

My goal is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, not distract. I want her to feel confident and proud of her uniqueness!

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