Meet Tiffany Chiang

A Dream Unfolding Across Borders

From the vibrant streets of Hong Kong and Taiwan to the glitz of Hollywood, my journey in the world of makeup and fashion has been a dream come true. As a child, alongside my sister, our shared love for fashion and makeup ignited my passion for beauty and style, and it's evident that my path was always leading me to become a professional makeup and hair artist.


Devotion to Excellence and Continuous Learning

I am devoted to my craft, constantly updating my skills and makeup kit with the latest beauty products and trends from the world's fashion capitals. This global perspective fuels my creativity, enabling me to bring a unique flair to every look I create.


Diverse Beauty Services Tailored to You

At Design Her Image, we offer a diverse range of services. Whether it's crafting the perfect bridal look, producing stunning styles for photo shoots, or creating memorable moments for special events, each client is an opportunity to showcase my skills. I specialize in customized makeup for various skin types and hair designs tailored to individual preferences. Every person's style is unique, and my goal is to bring that uniqueness to life, enhancing their natural features like eyes, face shape, and cheekbones, to truly make them shine.


We also offer makeup classes, where I share my expertise and tips on achieving these looks yourself. For those looking to explore our services further, we have various wedding makeup and hair packages tailored to meet different needs and preferences.


Beyond Aesthetics: Celebrating Your Unique Beauty

But what truly matters to me is the transformation that goes beyond the skin. It's about capturing the essence of who you are and reflecting it in your appearance. Radiant skin, soulful eyes, and luscious lips – these are not just the results of my makeup tools; they are a celebration of your individual beauty. It's about making you feel confident and proud, not hidden beneath layers of makeup.


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I invite you to read more about my philosophy and approach in our blog, where we discuss the latest trends, share tips, and celebrate the stories of our amazing clients. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can be a part of your journey, whether it's for a special event or to enhance your everyday look.


I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, to understand what brings you joy, and to showcase your personality through my work. Because at Design Her Image, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty, not overshadowing it.

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