for 2019Bay area makeup classes

Learn from the expert for the latest application techniques to make your skin appear radiant and glowing! We'll guide you through everything from quality products to how to make the best of your face. Natural and fresh customized looks that are easy to re-create on your own; your experience will last a lifetime. Learn how to stylize your eyes; the picture perfect eye makeup can captivate anyone's attention and you'll never feel the same again.
We want to show you how to draw out out your inner beauty. Studio is located in San Jose, CA

$2100• Consultation to your specific makeup needs
• Customize makeup to your look
• Eyebrow design just for you
• Technique for attractive eyes
• Flawless skin + highlight
• 3D face contouring
• Color palette customization for you
• Flirty eyelash design
• Personal makeover handout

Class size: One-on-one attention

Time: 2 hours
personal makeup lesson
$2100• Prepping the skin for camera makeup
• Eyebrow shaping
• Concealer and foundation
• Translucent powder
• Contour, highlight & blush techniques
• Variety of eye makeup techniques
• Working on Asian eyes
• Lip shaping, color blending
• Makeup for colored skin tone and mature skin
• Makeup for photo shoots
• Complete experience with hands-on techniques for pro makeup artists

Class size: 2 to 8 students

Time: 3 sessions (5+ hrs each)
professional makeup course
$2100• Hands-on, have-some-fun-together
• Work with everyone as individuals
• Simple steps to develop an effortless look
• Identifying techniques, tools, and colors
• Tailored routine for step by step recreation

Time: 2.5 hours
Group makeup lesson
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