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Our Success Philosophy

Since our inception in 2001, Design Her Image has been redefining personalized wedding makeup and hair services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our ethos is rooted in delivering bespoke beauty solutions that blend elegance with natural grace.


We believe in timeless beauty, and our expert consultations aim to capture your unique vision and desires. In collaboration, we create a look that enhances your innate charm, tailor-made for your extraordinary day. We extend this philosophy to our comprehensive makeup classes, imparting our specialized knowledge.


Under the guidance of Tiffany Chiang, our team of adept artists excels in personalized beauty. We cater to a spectrum of occasions – from intimate engagements to grand weddings, and from high-fashion editorials to significant events. Our commitment is to ensure you shine with a style that mirrors your individuality on your wedding day.


Signature Wedding Makeup Approach: Customized, Natural, Elegant

Our signature is to accentuate your natural beauty while retaining your essence. Our dedication to wedding makeup ensures enduring elegance that captivates both in photographs and in person.


Renowned for our tailored approach, we take pride in our custom-blended eyelashes, crafted to complement each bride’s unique eye shape. Yet, our service transcends makeup – we forge lasting bonds, celebrating the inner joy and confidence of every bride.


Our service is distinguished by its personal touch. We listen, understand, and blend your needs with your personality. This fusion ensures a wedding day look as unique as you are. Embracing the ethos of Gisele Bundchen: 'We are women, we are so different, our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful.' At Design Her Image, we celebrate this uniqueness in every bride we work with.


Schedule Your Personalized Wedding Makeup Consultation Today!

Let Design Her Image be your trusted partner in crafting your perfect wedding day makeup looks. Provide us with your information and we look forward to having a fun and personal consultation with you.


Bridal Advice

For your trial session, we recommend bringing along photos of wedding makeup and hairstyles that resonate with you. Remember, terms like 'natural', 'dramatic', or 'glamorous' can mean different things to different people, so visuals help us align with your expectations.


Your wedding day is a beautiful journey that begins with a nourishing start. Remember to enjoy a light yet energizing breakfast to set the tone for the day. Equally important is having a sewing emergency kit close at hand, ready to handle minor sewing mishaps – a little preparation can go a long way in smoothing out unexpected hiccups. Moreover, designate a helper or a wedding planner to be your go-to person, ensuring everything flows seamlessly.


Above all, embrace the joy of your special day. You've meticulously planned every detail, now it's time to revel in the celebration. Let go of any worries, immerse yourself in the happiness of the moment, and remember to laugh and enjoy to the fullest. After all, your wedding day is not just an event, it's the beginning of a beautiful new chapter.

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